Why Choose IONM

We are proud to support our diverse group of surgeons and hospital systems with the most advanced technology and clinicians in the field. Our highly experienced clinicians are leaders in neurophysiological monitoring and are an integral part of the operating room team. Through continuing education, advanced practices and unsurpassed patient care, we help guide surgeons, protect patients, and provide cost effective support to hospitals for any surgery where neural structures are at risk.

What to expect with IONM?

Our advanced multi-modality intraoperative monitoring services have become a standard of excellence in healthcare. IONM tests retrieve real-time feedback during surgery from electrodes placed on your skin. Relying on these neurophysiologic monitoring during invasive procedures that put the central nervous system at risk helps safeguard the neural structures responsible for feeling, movement, blood pressure
and even breathing. It has been well documented as a practice that reduces patient morbidity and third party costs.